Betalist Review: Is It Worth Paying $129 To List Your Startup?

You’ve built a beautiful landing page for your MVP ( minimum viable product ) or for getting subscribers that are interested in your product which is not launched yet.

Now what? How can you get your first users or subscribers?

It’s pretty easy with Betalist.

What’s Betalist?

“BetaList is the place for early adopters to discover upcoming and recently launched internet startups, and for startup founders to share their startup with the world and get early user feedback.” – according to their website

How does it work?

It’s easy. You go to their website, sign in with your Twitter account, click on Submit Startup and complete all the intuitive steps about what you’re trying to promote.

Add a name, a description of your product in a short sentence and then a long description where you describe how your product does what it says.

For example, for Netcrumb I wrote “Instantly Generate A Beautiful Responsive Website For WordPress” and then what’s the reason behind it.

After you complete all the details, in the end, you can promote your startup for Free or by paying.

They have two plans: $129 and $299 ( Not sure why you should choose the second one )

I read stories about the free version where users were saying that it takes months to be featured on the website, so I thought that the $129 plan worth a try.

Paying any of the two plans doesn’t guarantee that your proposal will be accepted.

Your money will not be debited from your account unless your startup gets approved.

They have a few requirements; I invite you to read them here.

One requirement that I would like to mention is that they do not allow landing pages created with Unbounce or Launchrock etc. They need your startup to have a unique landing page.

Even though, when I launched, my landing page was a template I bought from Seedprod – Coming Soon Page Pro.

Netcrumb First Landing Page

I submitted Netcrumb on 22nd of April and on 23rd I received an email that it was approved.

Netcrumb Approval Email For Betalist

I tried to postpone a bit Netcrumb’s listing, because I thought that I would have the actual landing page available, and I re-scheduled it for Thursday, 26th of April.

Netcrumb Approved On Betalist

In the end, I didn’t have it, and I left the one from Seedprod.

Still, I had a beautiful design I created to be built, and I made a screenshot of it to be used in the Betalist listing.

Netcrumb Betalist Media

What are the results of my listing on Betalist

After it was listed, I asked five friends to vote the listing ( Sorry, not sorry )

Netcrumb On Betalist

At the time of writing this article, I made a filter in Google Analytics between 26th of April and 2nd of May.

Here is the number of unique visitors I got from the listing in 7 days: 274 Unique Users

Netcrumb Google Analytics Betalist Review

Let’s break it down:

  • 73 users on 26th
  • 88 users on 27th
  • 48 users on 28th
  • 27 users on 29th

And the rest in the following days…

How many people subscribed to the mailing list?

I used MailChimp for this, and on 2nd of April, I had 124 subscribers. I do not have a screenshot as now I have more subscribers on my list.

What I want to add is that I’m not sure that all the 124 users came from Betalist as while I was featured on the website, some guy approached me on Linkedin, and he invited me on several Facebook groups where he was a moderator, and I was able to promote Netcrumb there also. ( Thanks Antonio ) 

The message I got was because of the Betalist launch.

Before being invited to those Facebook groups I had around 50-60 subscribers on the mailing list, but I’m pretty sure that more registered from Betalist. I would say between 80-100 subscribers.


You’re probably asking if you should pay to be featured on Betalist.

Getting around 100 subscribers for $129 I would say it worth the price.

Not sure how it’s gonna help Netcrumb once we launch, but there are all potential customers.

If you’re trying to promote your newly or future tech startup, then I would vote with both hands for Betalist.

Give it a try, by paying or by listing it for free and let me know how it goes.

It will help a lot other indie developers or future entrepreneurs.

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