My Journey Of Building A SaaS Startup In 2018 – Intro

I’m so happy that I’m finally doing it. I’m building my dream.

I’m probably exaggerating, but I’ve been waiting for this idea for years.

The people around me know this. I’ve been trying a lot of things in the past ten years, but I have never been so excited about creating something.

Maybe I will talk in another post about my failures.

So what is this blog about? What am I building? Who am I? Why am I telling other people about it? And the number of questions could go on and on…

As the title says, I’m creating a software as a service ( SaaS ) or a web application.

C’mon Dragos, what type of application are you building?

Are you guys ready?

( Drum sound )

My start-up – Netcrumb is building a platform that will instantly generate a beautiful responsive website for WordPress. You’re probably wondering how?

Each user will be asked 3-4 questions and based on his answers a design will be created. After the design gets generated, a simple and intuitive builder will help him add more blocks or text to his future website.

After all this simple process, which I say that it will not take more than a few minutes, the user will be able to preview and download a WordPress theme that will include everything: design ( layouts, colours, fonts ) and text or PHP, HTML, CSS or Javascript code.

In the end, the only thing left will be to upload and install the WordPress theme on user’s hosting, and the website will be ready.

The idea behind Netcrumb is that anyone should be able to create a website on WordPress in just a few minutes.

Maybe you’re saying why only WordPress?

We are just starting to heat our engines. WordPress is the most used CMS ( Content management system ), and it is a good niche to launch, learn and build our product.

Want to be the first one to know when we launch? Go to and subscribe to our form.

About me, my name is Dragos, almost 31 years old ( this summer ) and I work as an Android developer in London. You will find out more things about me in the future posts.

If you want to connect here is my LinkedIn profile: .

I have a Twitter account too, but I am not very active:

I’m starting this blog because I believe in the power of good content and that any start-up or established company should have one.

The idea of writing my journey about building a SaaS in 2018 is because of the guys from ( Thanks Jon and Justin ).

I don’t know them, but they were an inspiration because of their podcast where they explain how they build a SaaS in 2018. What are they building? Take a look at their website, and I recommend their podcast. Can be found here:

I do not have a co-founder at this point, but who knows what will happen in the following months and maybe I will start a podcast too ( if my spoken English gets better :)) )

I want through my journey to explain all the good and bad things that happen when you build a start-up.

Even though a lot of the times it will be bad, I will try to focus only on the positive things, and I will try to get the good from everything.

I’m not sure how often I will write on this blog, but I guess it will be every time that I feel that I can communicate something to you. Maybe once a week or maybe less than that, we’ll see.

You can subscribe to the newsletter, and you will be informed every time a new blog post will be released.

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